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Duct Mount Accessory Q5016


Duct Mount Accessory Q5016

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The Detector Electronics Model Q5016 Duct Mount Accessory is used with the Model U5015 Det- Tronics® SmokeWatch™ Explosion Proof Smoke Detector to detect smoke within air handling duct work. Mounted to the exterior of the duct wall, the Q5016 utilizes the differential pressure created between the inlet (sampling) and outlet (exhaust) tubes to drive a continuous air sample through the SmokeWatch measurement chamber. The Q5016 is provided with all necessary tubes and fittings to enable proper operation with a model U5015 SmokeWatch smoke detector (sold separately). The Q5016 is designed for hazardous industrial and commercial applications.


  • Rugged design for environmental extremes
  • Designed     to    operate     effectively     with smoldering and rapidly growing fires
  • Has the ability to annunciate fault, ensuring no undisclosed failures
  • Works with a small volume of air
  • Designed to meet UL268A
  • Can be installed horizontally or vertically

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